Tues: 8:30a Ardy's Pilates Studio

Fri: 10:00a Ardy's Pilates Studio


Class on the Allegro 2 Reformer machines. This class focuses on the practice of Pilates Principles such as coordination of breath and focused movement, through centering, building strength stability, and flexibility.


Pilates Apparatus

Mon: 5:30p Ardy's Pilates Studio

Thurs: 5:30p Ardy's Pilates Studio

Sat: 10:15a Ardy's Pilates Studio 


Class on various Pilates equipment, including Mat, Reformer, and Tower. This class gives a total body workout, incorporating the Pilates Principles of core strengthening, shoulder and pelvic stability, flexibility, balance, and precision. This class is perfectly suited for those who like variety, and a challenge.


Sat: 9:00a, Ardy's Pilates Studio

Weds:4:30  Ardy's Pilates Studio


This class is different from a typical Pilates class in that it is organized in a circuit-style structure. There are different "stations" where participants execute a set of exercises, and after a few minutes, rotate from one station to another. This class offers more cardio.

Personal Sessions

Mon – Sat: Choose what time works for you


Session utilizes various Pilates equipment to suit each client's unique goals. Work on correcting muscle imbalances, centering and core strength, long, lean muscle tone, flexibility, and whole body wellness. Whatever your personal fitness goals are, I can help you achieve those goals and feel better in your body by crafting a program of Pilates Private sessions tailored to you.

Semi Privates

Mon – Sat: Choose what time works for you


Same as the Pilates Personal Session, but you can bring a friend and the session will be tailored to both of you.

Pilates at Home

Mon – Sat: Choose what time works for you


Prefer not to travel to the studio? We'll come to you!! Using a Mat and an MOTR (More Than a Roller), we work on core activation and strength, lengthening and flexibility, rolling out sore muscles, and cardio, all in the comfort of your own home.